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Before the recent Asia issue of Internationale Politik, the emerging Asian community did not receive much attention in the Atlantic Community. Inversely, European integration as inspired by American functionalism has attracted intense Asian interest for decades. The imbalance of attention is not in the Atlantic community’s own best interest. Here are six proposals to reduce the Atlantic deficit.

The first concerns political theory. The postwar international order was inspired by American idealism: Atlantic Community, United Nations, Bretton Woods system, Europe’s integration. Asia’s integration should therefore appear familiar and welcome, if not to political realists, at least to idealists. Instead, today’s contending Hobbesians and Lockeans agree on one thing: discounting Asian integration. Realists consider functional integration unrealistic anywhere, be it in Europe or Asia. European idealists perceive Asia as divided by power politics, cultural diversity or nationalism, and therefore incapable of applying the European pattern. Both schools should prepare…

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