Identity Crisis-not

I thought I was going through an Identity crisis, but now realize that it is just an evolution. For 20 of my 49 years I have been Anaka’s mom and for 19 of those same 49 years have been Sophia’s mom. This was a very good thing: it helped me want to control my bipolar disorder and to be a better human being.

Now that I no longer have to be sane for my children’s sake, it is more challenging to keep my brain from taking control of me. It is a lot of fun to let go and let the (?) muse carry me away.

However, my brain is NOT the boss of me! I fool it by feeding it patterns: books (mostly fiction), poetry, music, bridge, knitting and crochet and dancing.

I also try to reduce stress by not dealing with jerks. I try to get enough sleep (very hard, sometimes) and eat as much organic food as my budget will allow. So far it’s working: I have been off bipolar medication for about 7 years…yeah, for me


About habavepa

Presbyterian, Dominican, bipolar, member of the human race: daughter, mother, aunt, sister, friend, neighbor and free thinker.
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