Managing my bipolar disorder

I  Was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1992 after the birth of my second daughter, Sophia.  Presently, I am in therapy, but have successfully taken myself off medication.

I was hospitalized three times in Payne-Whitney, the psychiatric wing of New York Hospital (…by the way, if you ever NEED to go to the nut house, Payne-Whitney IS the place to… ) and originally prescribed lithium as well as some other drugs to treat the condition.

After being on lithium for a couple of years, my prescription was changed to valproic acid because the lithium was attacking my kidneys.  I remember that at one point I couldn’t even keep down water!

In posting this, I hope that my story will help to bring some light to the treatment of the condition…


About habavepa

Presbyterian, Dominican, bipolar, member of the human race: daughter, mother, aunt, sister, friend, neighbor and free thinker.
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